Thoughts About Water

     There was a federal oil lease auction action for plots in the Gulf of Mexico that happened in New Orleans about seven or eight years ago. Cherri Foytlin put out a call for people to disrupt. I went. It was a powerful action and we took over the auction, but the oil leases happened later anyway.
     While we were there, a ceremony for the waters happened. As a few of us were scouting a site along the Mississippi for the best site, I went to the banks of the river, made offerings and prayed. As soon as I put my hands in her (the river), I burst into tears from the sadness that she embodied for the harms humans inflicted on her by our human family. It was heartbreaking. I carry her sadness and the sadness of many bodies of water I have prayed for and touched. Most of them are sad.
     The short sightedness of government decision makers over decades has resulted in climate disruption that is causing these droughts and floods on the Mississippi and all over Mother Earth’s belly. The people, who are paid by our taxes, have failed us completely here in the US while the same is happening in most colonizer countries. They are still failing us while doing all they can to either greenwash their actions or completely deny human created climate disruption.
Millions of people have been impacted by their refusal to act. It has been decades since the alarm was raised that humanity's addiction to fossil fuels and corporate agriculture was destroying what life requires to simply exist. Now, we don't know the total number of how many have died from their inaction, how many millions are without homes, sick, and starving.
     What we do know is that decision makers have not done what is necessary to prevent these catastrophes... which will become worse.
    What to do to ensure a safe, sustainable world for future generations? People power works, disrupting the system works, poking a stick in the wheel of capitalism with millions of people in the streets has become our best and quickest option. I know you care about what is happening. So, the next time (and times after that) you hear about a march or action for climate, show up. Even if you have never participated before, do it now. No one is coming to save us. Elected officials and policy makers will not save us. Show up for all you love, family, babies, children, trees, plants, rivers, oceans, cats, dogs, birds, sea creatures, animals, and the entire sacred system that took millions upon millions of years to become all that we love. Just show up.
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