Damali Turquoise Ring - Size 9.25

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Award-winning Yaqui jeweler, Michael Horse, set natural Damali turquoise into this sterling silver tufa cast ring.  The band is made to be adjustable down half a size. Made to last generations!  "Michael Horse" is engraved inside the band.  More about the process of tufa cast jewelry below.

Size: 6.5 - Stone .75" x .5"

Tufa is a volcanic stone which can be as dense as chalk which has an organic texture. The first thing a jeweler does is examine a piece of tufa for any tiny fractures.  If it looks good, the tufa is cut in half and, if there is a design, it is carved into the tufa.   There is a pour hole carved into the top and several narrow vents carved into each side.  The two pieces are then bound together tightly and molten silver or gold is poured through the hole at the top.  If there are any microscopic cracks, the tufa explodes when the metal is poured in and the process has to begin again.